Practice Expertise
Federal Employment Law - Representation of federal employees when personnel actions are proposed or taken by their employing agencies.

Federal Administrative Law - Representation of persons seeking a benefit or relief from a federal agency.

Civil Litigation - Representation of persons in a variety of civil areas, including contract matters, antitrust law, defective consumer products, construction defects, environmental matters, etc.

Federal Employment Law

The firm provides advice and representation to federal employees when their agencies propose personnel actions against them, such as suspensions or removals. We work to resolve the matters at the administrative level before decisions are finalized. In the event adverse decisions issue, we provide representation to federal employees in appeals of those decisions to the Merit Systems Protection Board, first to the regional office administrative judges, then, if necessary, to the full Board on petitions for review and to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Federal Administrative Law

The firm provides assistance to persons seeking review of administrative decisions denying benefits, such as retirement decisions issued by the Office of Personnel Management.

Civil Litigation

The firm provides representation to individuals and businesses involved in disputes on a wide variety of issues that may require resolution in federal or local courts. Examples include the following: disputes between persons or business enterprises over money owed, claims that consumer products have defects or that the manufacturer made false representations about the product, disputes over building construction defects or property damage from petroleum or chemical spills, and claims of economic harm as a result of antitrust violations such as price-fixing among competing companies. We are experienced in class actions as well as individual claims.